The Missouri Sheep & Goat Conference was created in 2016 by the Boone County Soil & Water Conservation District.  The District Board saw a need to provide an educational and networking event for small ruminant producers across Missouri and surrounding states, due to a lack of regular opportunities.

The District Board organized the Committee, consisting of local producers and experts, to plan, organize, and oversee the conference.  Since the first event in 2016 the conference has grown year-over-year in attendance and quality.  We hope you’ll come and join us at our next conference!

We welcome feedback and suggestions for improving the conference.  We strive to ensure that each event caters to the needs of attendees, and the survey questionnaires completed each year are the Committee’s guide in planning the next conference.  If you have feedback for us please let us know!



Committee Members

Jeff & Glenda DeShon

Kevin & Jenifer Monckton

Dr. Charlotte Clifford-Rathert

Ethan Miller

Kim Reitz

Mark Tunink

Neil Monnig

Matthew Herndon

Dr. Fred Martz