Producers, would-be producers, and others meet once each year to attend the annual Missouri Sheep & Goat Conference.  This two-day event provides educational opportunities for those involved in the sheep and goat industry.  Topics vary from year to year but have included grazing management, soil health, rations, guardian animals, parasite management, genetics, value-added marketing, budgeting, nutrition, health, vaccinations, handling, FAMACHA© training, farm tours, and so much more!  Attendees value the topics and knowledge they gain, and the conference has a 100% recommendation rate based on survey responses.


There are few events for those in the sheep and goat industry in Missouri, so the conference provides a unique opportunity for producers and others to connect, exchange ideas and information, and learn from one another.  Time for networking is built into every conference for these reasons.


The conference exists to ensure you have a solid knowledge base to begin raising sheep and goats, and to provide ongoing education and skill-building to help you grow as a producer.

Our Mission

"To provide educational outreach for producers of sheep or goats of all skill sets, as well as, a network of resources and concepts to promote more efficient production and profitability."